What Is Art?

Often times I think to myself that art is bigger than life. It’s just something that you can’t put words around.

However, I’m going to do my best here as I pose the question, what is art?

There’s many ways to go into it, but I’m going to try my best by saying art is everything.  

Art is all that has been created into real life once starting from imagination, and a motivating source within.

Imagination is really where I see, that all art is born. It is the idea and then vision that then turns into inspiration, a

breath of life, that ends up sourcing the actualization of itself into reality, all starting from nothing.

Art is so many things in one, yet is also just everything we’ve come to know, see, and love.

I mean, life in itself is art, the Earth is art, you are art.

You were created by someone weren’t you?  Created from nothing, but more importantly you were created from love.

I really think that it is art that brings us all together as people. We can all share this desire to create, to imagine, and

realize a thought, or dream into reality.

Art is the birthplace of all that we know. We are all just walking and breathing colors being painted into life in live time.

It is so special to be here, and experience the beauty and color of what life is, to experience the canvas that has been 

used to paint this majestic reality.

None of us should take it for granted, and should look within our hearts, to find what it is that inspires us.

To wrap this short blog, up, about what is art, there’s two words that are very important to sum the question 

“what is art?” perfectly.

Two words of which you can’t spell without the word “art” in them.

Earth, and Heart. 

The beauty is, they have the same exact letters, making them an anagram of each other.  

Both the source of love and the place we all share as our home, both are one in the same.

And what does the heart symbolize?

It is the symbol of love.  Everything that is born from nothing, including the Earth, must have to come from love.

So what is art?

Art is love.