purpose of presence

Create Art, not Content – A mission to Inspire The Creator Economy

Do what you love and nothing else.
Purpose of Presence was inspired by the revealing of the truth of the world of “content” that we currently find ourselves in.  It was designed to help creators realign with their purpose by tapping into their present and creative selves to begin focusing on creating art and not content.  The truth is often painful, but it is the only source of freedom that we have, living in this bizarre day and age.  Only is it through the power of love and gratitude, that we are able to heal in this era of tremendous trauma, disruption, and disease of mind, body, and soul that many of us creators experience.  Together, guided by love and faith, anything is possible, while seeking to tap into the limitless abundance and opportunity of light that still exists within the vast darkness many of us find ourselves in today.   
In essence, Purpose of Presence is an online movement and community that filters out the fake and constant pressing of what a “content” creator has become in today’s online landscape.  Referring to the constant scamming, artificial tones, algorithm whoring, and all that, inspired to make a quick buck online.  Purpose of Presence is here to serve as a detox, for the frequent inorganic behavior that has corrupted souls, living life as a creator in the creator economy.  It is to show that you can live a life filled with abundance, luxury, and wealth as a creator, without caving into the soulless world of “content”, and by creating out of your truth, your art. 

All by being and expressing your true self. 
  It was created to help guide the creators of today to begin to see people for what they are, beautiful and loving souls, and not just a dollar sign serving their bank account.  Every creator online has something to sell, but here, we teach online monetization, through a different perspective.  We see money not as money, but more so as currency.  A form of energy that reciprocates out of love, truth, and a feeling of abundance.  Where the more you give, the more you will receive, doing it in a way that promotes longevity. It is to move away from the inorganic and be present in the organic.  
The ultimate mission of PoP is to inspire the creator economy, to do what you love and nothing else while creating art, as creators, and not contentNecessary to tap into the long lasting freedom that is attainable through growing an online business or brand, and living through purpose.  As creators, if we can all impact one person to live through love and authenticity of self, by shining through our own truth, then we engage what can be called the domino effect, where they are sure to impact another through their unique expression, and the rest is history.  It is through this love to create and share with others, that we grow into the purpose of life and begin to move into the present.
As “content” creators, or what we call to be artists, we hold the power in today’s world, living in the market of attention.  The attention economy.  We have the greatest opportunity to create change through our creative essence and expression of truth, needed to inspire others.  
Be bold, be brave, live through love, and live through purpose.  The world needs your art. 
Let’s change the world family.

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"Seek to help the world, and what you find, Is that the world helps you".
- PoP


brought to you by
love, gratitude, and faith.

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to create is to inspire

stand in your power as a human, revitalize what it means to create, to inspire, to be human, and allow your greatest self to begin to change the world.

The light is in faith, faith is inside you

remember that your faith is your greatest superpower, when used the right way, anything is possible.

Flow Free

from the status quo, self-limitation, and lack, and move into flow state through creative passion in presence.

purpose is not the mountain top, but rather

 purpose is the climb, stay present and enjoy the process.