It’s Okay To Cry.

There’s a lot of noise out here in this crazy world.

A lot of it tries to pull you out of you.

Some of it brings you closer to you.

I guess it depends on what it is you’re listening to.  The vibrations you’re surrounded with.

When you listen to a sound or something that takes from you, often you will feel empty, in search of something.

When you listen to a sound or experience a vibration that fills you, what it is that fills you is feelings.

Where these feelings can even manifest themselves into something physical, or just water, moving feelings into tears.

A big part of our culture looks at tears as a weakness.

But I feel that it is one of the greatest strengths we are equipped with as humans.

Crying is a superpower.

Literally being able to feel so strongly that it moves you into tears, where water starts to emit from your body.

Water that is not just water, but a memory of a feeling being transferred into liquid.

Why would this ever be considered bad or soft?

It is so healing to cry as well, I mean we all can remember a time when tears were the only option for us to relieve our built-up emotion in a certain moment.  

And how much did shedding those tears help you in that moment?

The energy has to go somewhere, and what more powerful way to transfer it than into water?

I mean, to me, there’s no stronger way to enter the present than moving your feelings into tears.  

I think we all could cry more.  

Even better, cry together.

I mean, crying does not always have to be for sadness.

But can be deployed for joy, laughter, happiness, and gratitude.

Tears are just the strongest form of emotion and feeling in the present moment.

So strong that it turns into water, a feeling from within into water… like how amazing is that.

So, what is it about crying we’re all scared of?

God did give us this ability for a reason right?

Maybe we should all try to cry a bit more, and see what happens.