I Know All, Because I Know, I know Nothing

Everything that we see, think, and know comes from one place and one place only.


Because of nothing, we have everything.

For everything that exists for us to know, is derived from the source of what was once nothing. Even, in nearly all ancient texts built around the idea of creation, or genesis, describe a beginning that existed as what was once a void of emptiness, a mere nothing, serving as the creator, the original mother giving birth to light and all things else.

Even modern-day scientists and physicists find this to be true in what is known as Zero-point energy, or in other words the energy radiating from a vacuum, or nothingness, to be potentially the greatest and most powerful source of energy known in existence. Where just a small amount of this energy has the power to turn the entire Earth’s ocean into a boil.

What does this mean to you and me?  That your greatest power and energy, in this world comes from nothing and nothing else.

So, as I begin to commit to this purpose of helping others seek their greatest self by focusing on their passions and living a life built around doing what they love, I hold close to this idea of nothingness.  I remind myself to be humble and present as I go forth on my teachings, as my higher self and power confirm to me that this is what I was made to do.  To source my creativity and inspiration from the knowledge of nothing, and that all things abundant come from this single source.

Pursuing a leadership responsibility in life oftentimes can get the best of people as their positions and status as a leader begins to grow.  Hence, why you see so many organic and grounded movements, turn into cults, pivoting towards chaos and greed rather than the original purpose and message of why they were even able to grow in the first place.  Because people became influenced by a figure perceived to “Knowing More”, where they would give their inner power and gift away to a guru.  This is why I do not vibe well with the term influencer in society, as the influence takes you outside of yourself, rather than being inspired.

Let’s choose to inspire instead, as creators, rather than influence, while knowing that all things that you need to live as your greatest and fulfilled self, rest in the knowledge and creative gifts that come from nothing.  Not someone or something outside of you that is perceived to have or know it all.

Perhaps, it is God, who exists in nothing, where everything and anything is possible.  Maybe God is the zero point.    

This is why I sit here present in this moment, acknowledging the fact that in order to know all, you must know, that you know nothing, wherever it is that you find yourself on your journey.

One of my favorite quotes goes as this:

“Man who thinks he knows all knows nothing, man who knows he knows nothing, knows all”.

My purpose of what I’m doing is to not come out as a guru or influencer, or as a person who “knows all, and should be followed”, this is not my intention. But rather, to remind every single human being that crosses my work, that what is inside them is divine, truly unique, and gifted unlike anything else that exists in the universe.  And that you, just as I did, and every other person or thing that you see, came from one place, and one place only.


It seems as if nothing is the source of all things creative, as my mission is not to influence through my creative art, but to inspire those to look within, seek the state of nothingness, and begin to gravitate toward the abundance that you are. 

The abundance that comes from nothing.